Q&A with Abstract Division

We’re getting ready for the first clubnight since we closed our club at the Helsinkistraat. Tickets are sold out and everyone’s looking forward to it, including Abstract Division! We asked them a couple of questions beforehand.  

When we were searching for the act to fill in the spot between Steve O’Sullivan and you guys, you immediately said you wanted to pick up right where Steve will leave off. What are you plans for the performance? 
We usually don’t really have a plan beforehand, but we rather follow our impulses and spontaneity to react to each other’s performance. It’s important to us to feel the crowd, the location, the timeslot and know about the other artists who are playing before or after us. We noticed that it works to start off somewhat deep in a set so people can gradually go with our flow. That’s the reason that taking over after Steve seems so perfect. His minimalistic style is a great foundation upon which we can expand. And then there’s our taste in music, which reaches far more (sub)genres than just plain techno, but also ambient and some of the hardest bangers. It’s safe to say that you’ll hear a broad spectrum of subgenres during Saturday’s performance!

Your new EP (together with Patrick Skoog) recently got released on Figure Jams, Len Faki’s new sublable. We’re perceiving a lot more experimental sounds than on regular Figure releases. How did this release came to be?  
We met Len Faki at Awakenings Festival and we had great connection from the start. Len Faki is one of the hardest working DJ’s in our scene, and the releases on his labels have a high quality standard. Besides, the Figure crew is a passionate group of people, so it was a no-brainer when they asked us to send over some tracks for their new sublabel. We sent over a couple of tracks and they were signed immediately. We were very pleased about that. The first release did very well, which brings great opportunities for the future.

In light of new releases, what’s on the program for you guys?  
We have some great projects up ahead. At the moment we are working together with some other artists. We can not say too much about this, but these projects will show various aspects of our work; this is something we intend to always do. Our long-awaited remix for Re:Axis will be released on vinyl this month and we also contributed to an Obscura compilation with one of our tracks. Obscura is the new label of Agents Of Times.

And how about gigs?
We will play in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland in the near future. We are very much looking forward to ADE 2017. We will be hosting our own Dynamic Reflection event at Radion, in cooperation with HIGGS. Matrixxman, SHDW & Obscure Shape and many other great artists will join us and the event will be streamed live on Facebook. It’s always a great pleasure to see a lot of familiar faces and it will be a great party too!