Paradigm for Lesbos

We all held our collective breath when we saw fires spreading all around camp Moria on Lesbos (Greece) this week. Thousands of people on the run for war and violence, only to become homeless again in the middle no nowhere without access to any basic necessities.

Almost 50% of the affected people are children who sleep unprotected under the night sky. The nights are cooling down rapidly as winter approaches. We have to act swift and quick as the chaos grows. 

We’re going to collect sleeping bags for Because we Carry. You can use a sleeping bag to simply sit on during the day, wrap it around yourself when it gets cold, it’s soft and clean to change your baby’s diaper and mostly to keep warm at night. At this very moment, 13.000 people sleep in the streets of Lesbos.

Hereby an appeal to all you lovely people. So much is necessary and we’re looking to do our part. Paradigm is going to be the collection hub for Groningen! We’re looking for quality sleeping bags, preferably thermo bags with an integrated hood if possible. Rolled up and secured with a sturdy rope or something similar, that’s it. No slip-cover or plastic bags around it. The need is high but we’re confident that we’re going to meet it!

You can reach the terrain by car, bicycle or by walking there on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to give your sleeping bag(s). Check out the ground plan below.

Opening hours for collection: 10AM – 8PM.

Address Paradigm: Suikerlaan 2, Groningen (take the second exit on the right at the roundabout).
Address Middelberterweg: Middelberterweg 22, 9723 EV Groningen

Please call: 0651588349

Park your car directly on the right of the main stage and deposit your sleeping bag(s) at the Romney Loods. All deposits will be transported to Amsterdam on Thursday. Because we Carry will collect all of it on a plane that’s due to Lesbos on Monday September 21.

Don’t have a sleeping bag but still want to make a difference?

Click here to donate and we’ll purchase a sleeping bag in your name! If the link doesn’t work, you can deposit a donation on the account number below:

NL46INGB0006676284, indicating: Paradigm for Moria

Ground plan: