New cooperative venture with Organics

We move forward together. We want to keep connecting people and have a positive outlook on relevant issues, especially with the brands we use and like-minded third parties. Paradigm founder Paul opens up about the new cooperative venture with Organics and what this exactly means.

“Paradigm has been working to make its operations more sustainable since moving from the Helsinkistraat to the Suikerunie terrain. These are far-reaching step-by-step processes. The goals are to to be completely circular by 2030 when it comes to sustainability and to have a climate positive impact. Choices are being made on a micro and macro level to achieve these goals. For example, Paradigm has exclusively vegetarian and vegan catering, use second-hand materials for our constructions and work with deposit cups, which are macro level. At the micro level, we’re planting new trees on the grounds every year and make sure to use biological products wherever we go. Organics by Red Bull is one such choice. Paradigm believes that big corporations like Red Bull are taking steps in the right direction when they shift to more biological and products. Paradigm wants to support such efforts. If all big companies would act similarly, the world would become a better place for it. Hence the choice to adopt Organics.”

“Organics is committed to supporting talent as well. The slogan “Talent Comes Naturally” fits seamlessly with Paradigm’s vision. Paradigm strives to provide a stage for local talent and has found cooperation with Organics. These up-and-coming artists often do not get the chance to create and/or show their art in places where many people come whilst being paid little or nothing to boot. For the three-year collaboration between Paradigm and Organics, Paradigm selects two local artists each year to complete a large project on the festival grounds. This way these people get a space and budget to show themselves to a large audience and get a boost in their development.”

“This year Michel Velt and Willemijn Overmars created two large murals on the festival terrain. Both very recognizable in their own style and also perfectly matching the free and naturally creative atmosphere of the terrain.”

(Michel Velt, 2022)
(Willemijn Overmars, 2022)