Konvooi Exceptioneel about creating NYE-objects and donating funds to charity

NYE is almost upon us and we’re eager to show you how we dressed up the place! We specifically had a quick chat with the visionary creator of our mainstage: Jeroen. Read and find out about why this project is so special!

Hey Jeroen! Can you tell us something about yourself and Konvooi Exceptioneel?
We are Konvooi Exceptioneel and we provide various rental services, such as stages, bars and tents with a creative twist for events. Check out for more information about who we are and what we do.

And you had an amazing idea, right? Can you share that with us?
Some time ago, I got the wish from Paradigm to dress up NYE for a certain amount of money. Then an idea started to take root. It was to donate the funds to charity, specifically for (children) refugees out of Lesbos. The project’s name is “Keep Dreaming” and, together with our schoolchildren, they create “dream blankets” for the children in the refugee camps. They have a facebook page and a website for more information. 

What are you guys creating for NYE? 
We’re building several large constructs with a group of about 15 people. Lots of friends also signed up to help for this charity purpose, together with numerous others from unexpected places. We can’t wait to show it!