Introducing our new hard cups and payment system

Like we’ve mentioned a while back, we’re going to say goodbye to our plastic tokens! We don’t want to waste mountains of plastic any longer. APOE, as mentioned, was the last opportunity to purchase and use tokens. Planet Paradigm will be the first event where we’ll employ our new payment system. We’re also going to implement hard cups. More on that below:

Pin + Paradigm Card

  • From Planet Paradigm onwards, you can use your pin/debit card at the bar.
  • You can also deposit cash on a special Paradigm prepaid card, which will be available at the cash decks. 
  • Each prepaid card has a unique QR code. You’re able to check your balance by scanning the QR code from your card. 
  • Gather all (!) old Paradigm tokens, put them in an envelope with your name and email address on it, and deposit them at the letterbox at the cash registers near the Da Vinci Dome stage. You’ll then be eligible for our give-aways!

Hard cups
We throw away 200.000 plastic cups each year. That’s something we don’t want to do anymore. From now on, we’ll only serve drinks in hard cups. We’ll also be getting rid of the Spa Blauw water bottles, starting at Paradigm Festival 2019.

Here’s some information on how this will work during Planet Paradigm 2019:

  • The first time you order something at the bar, you’ll be required to pay a one-time €1,-  deposit fee for your hard cup or Spa Blauw bottle.
  • Don’t want to keep your cup or bottle with you all the time? You can hand it in at the bar and receive a green cup token (old Paradigm tokens we used as food-tokens in the past).
  • You can hand in the green cup token whenever you order next. You will then receive your drink in a fresh and clean hard cup or a new Spa Blauw bottle!
  • Did you lose your cup or bottle? Then you have to pay another €1,- deposit fee for a new one.
  •  You can take either the hard cup or green cup token with you when the event is finished, or leave it at the nearest bar.
  • The green cup token may be handed in for a hard cup during the next event!
  • You may collect cups and bottles, hand them in and receive a €1,- discount for each one on your order! The discounted amount can never exceed the order amount, which means you can’t get a cash-back.
  • You can take the hard cup or bottle with you to the Afterhours.

Thank you for keeping our planet clean and healthy!