Sat 28 May 2022 // 12:00 - Sat 28 May 2022 // 23:59 Paradigm

Planet Paradigm: A One Day Festival Trip 2022

👾 Congratulations! If you are reading this you have managed to find the gateway to one of the hidden gems in our galaxy; Planet Paradigm. Once a year this magical place is located a mere light day from our trusted planet Earth.

👾 While usually moving through the cosmos at high velocity, the pull of Earth’s magnetic field makes yearly exploration of Planet Paradigm possible for those who know.

👾 According to the psychonautic research community a one day opening to Planet Paradigm arises when cosmic entities Paradigm and VBX are back on a collision course. An annual phenomenon which is about to experience its third occurrence, ‘close’ to a place our satellites define as Groningen.

👾 Whatever the reasons for its existence, the first hours in day light and extra hours during the planet’s night time is guaranteeing its visitors to reach ‘a higher state of consciousness’ by triggering all six senses.

👾 Like last years the aural and visual senses will be pleased in particular. The various flavours of slightly left leaning house, techno and electro featured on the program with artists that will stimulate your hearing, while the surroundings, unconventionally designed stages and of course your fellow explorers will form a visual treat! Sunglasses are recommended.

Projected date of impact: 28 MAY 2022

Location: latitude: 53.2108912, longitude: 6.5390657

Line-up (Z-A):
Voigtmann (night)
Tafkamp (night)
Onur Özer
Junki Inoue (night)
Joren Edwards
Herra b2b Andy Luff
Gerrit de Boer
Freddy K
DJ Masda
Deniro (night)
Colin b2b Roy Lodder
Benny Rodrigues b2b Ferro
Abstract Division