Fri 30 Dec 2022 // 20:00 - Fri 30 Dec 2022 // 23:59 Zeefgebouw

Paradigm x Contrarium

We are excited to announce Paradigm x Contrarium; a whirling audio-visual experience that’ll stick with you long after the lights turn on, or off in this case.
Contrarium is an audio-visual installation and performance concept by Lumus Instruments, in which they collaborate with various sound-artists to explore the visual manifestation of sound. Electronic sounds and gritty sound-design generate light that travels through space. A cinematic experience constructed through co-creation live on stage.
Contrarium manifests itself as an installation that seeks symmetry and divides space. A massive and interconnected installation provides both auditory- and visual artists with an audiovisual canvas. This canvas comes in a three-dimensional form stretching 32 meters in length, which provides rich and immediate control over our experience of space and time. Seated as if in an operation theater, the audience feels like it’s witnessing the dissection of space-time.
Collaborative performance and improvisation are the keystones that define Contrarium. The concept sets another step into the future with a system that acts as a real-time translator of audio protocols to lighting protocols. Through the artistic exploration of these methods, Lumus Instruments aims to connect artists using different media, whilst safeguarding the essence of improvisation in performance art.