Backyard Festival banner Paradigm
Sat 25 Mar 2023 // 14:00 - Sat 25 Mar 2023 // 23:59 Paradigm Festival Terrain

Paradigm: Backyard Festival

You’ve seen our festival ground. You’ve danced, hugged and smiled at our stages. You think you’ve seen it all, we beg to differ. We’re going to show you a different side of Paradigm, something that’s carefully concealed, a garden of industrial grit. In 2019 we kicked things off with the Backyard Project. After that we had to cancel several editions because of the Covid-pandemic, but this year we’re going to up the stakes! Come hang with us at the Backyard Festival! Tickets will become available during our Ticket Week.


Adam Pits

Penik Ettek *live

Comrade Winston
Nathan Kofi
Jolar Drim

Charlie Sunday b2b Freudenthaler

Snu b2b Vinylkite aka Nicolò

Deets b2b ONID

Selin b2b Cosmogen