Paradigm 12,5 Anniversary
Sun 3 Mar 2024 // 15:00 - Mon 4 Mar 2024 // 1:00 LLAB

Paradigm 12,5 year Anniversary: SAC

The party that started it all: Sunday Afternoon Collective. Over the years, the event gained a special reputation. Coming together on Sunday afternoons and extending into the night, side by side, reveling in the sounds of artists such as Minilogue, Stimming, Moodyman, tINI, and, of course, Kollektiv Turmstrasse. Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday if we didn’t conclude the last chapter of this trilogy with a nostalgically enjoyable SAC.

For this SAC edition, we’ve put together the following lineup:

▼ Laurine
▼ Nuno dos Santos
▼ Eversines b2b Marie K
▼ Christian Thomas b2b Neo Young b2b Gerrit de boer